Sharon Tube Color

Consistency, flexibility, predictability.

Values that drive reliability. Values that drive Sharon Tube. 

The recognized service leader in the precision mechanical tubing industry, at Sharon Tube our customers are our priority. With the world's most modern precision tube manufacturing facility, we have the production capacity to provide our customers with the products they need, when they need them. Additionally, our automated operations with advanced precision quality control, and streamlined processes and logistics help reduce cycle times for faster order fulfillment.

A Workforce Committed to Customer Service

Committed to our customers, we’re here when they need us most. From increasing order sizes at the last minute to shortening lead times and changing product lengths, we do everything we can to say yes instead of no. We also offer a forecasting model that allows our customers more flexibility and customization.

Expanded DOM Size Range

We now offer an expanded size range of DOM tubing made to exact customer tolerances. Our expanded size range allows us to offer DOM mechanical tubing in 6.625" to 9" in outside diameter (OD).